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"... to provide an active yet relaxed social atmosphere through running..."

Running Club meets at the Read Field House entrance:

Monday at 3:30
Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00
Wednesday at 4:30

What is Running Club???

The Running Club is a social organization which meets to run five times a week. We have been an organization here on campus for six years. The aim of the club is to offer a means for the many runners on Western’s campus to meet and to provide a casual atmosphere for running. There are many students that run at Western, but not all of them have a way of meeting each other and organizing runs. We see the running club as the outreach that connects many individuals who all have a passion for the same thing: running.


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Kalamazoo Area Runners

WMU woman’s Cross Country

WMU woman’s Track and Field

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  • WMU has lost its men's Cross Country and Track programs after the 2003-04 season due to budget cuts. Running Club supports the WMU running community and grieves their loss. Please suport the return of WMU's men's Cross Country and Track teams. -

Saturday March 24, 2007
9:00 A.M.

Running Club of Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo,   Michigan, 49008
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