Essay Contest on the theme of ‘Alliance of Civilizations’:


Today, and increasingly so in the future, forming a more perfect union depends in large measure on our ability to cultivate mutual respect and understanding among America’s diverse communities as well as the global community as a whole. This contest aims to promote understanding and positive interaction among different cultures and communities. High school and College-level students are invited to submit their creative ideas on the theme of "Alliance of Civilizations". Participants may reflect on the following questions as a starting point for their own work:


Once the commitment to engage in the alliance of civilizations emerges, on what basis can it be conducted? Why do we need to bridge other people’s cultures, lives, beliefs, and values? How can we better bridge other people’s cultures, lives, beliefs, and values? Can you give examples in your community where the alliance of civilizations has been working well?


How to enter?





1st place $100 (for each category: High school and College level).

The winners will be given the opportunity to present his/her essay in the event of ‘Heroes of Peace’ on March 30 in Bernhard Center-105 at 6:00 pm.




Judges will evaluate essays based on clarity, articulation, and organization. Submitted essays will be judged by a committee led by Dr. Blain Auer and Dr. Steve Covell of WMU.


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