Our Goal

PIPI The Palestinian Israeli Peace Initiative (PIPI) is a non-partisan, religiously and ethnically diverse student group at Western Michigan University established to objectively promote positive and peaceful resolutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Our Position

The Palestinian Israeli Peace Initiative recognizes that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must primarily be resolved by the Palestinian and Israeli peoples themselves, for third parties are limited when it comes to enforcing their own resolutions. It is our understanding that a majority of Palestinians and Israelis desire a two state solution and an end to the warfare.

PIPI views this conflict as one not between Palestinians and Israelis, but between those who desperately want an end to the violence and suffering and those attempting to derail the peace process. Our media cover little but despair and conflict from Israel and Palestine, but there are large numbers of Israelis and Palestinians willing to stand up in opposition to polarizing rhetoric and violence. We want those voices to be heard here in America and across the globe.

Our Approach

Education to be able to help negotiate and settle the numerous issues that separate the parties one must understand not only the issue but also the positions of both parties with regard to the issue. To accomplish this PIPI will include various religions, particularly Jews and Muslims, and various ethnicities, particularly Israelis and Arabs. Because of the rich diversity in the Kalamazoo community PIPI will try to specifically involve those that have lived in the Middle East, who have studied the Middle East and those who have a particular expertise with regard to any issue.

Social Action PIPI will develop and maintain close relations with similar organizations. Further, PIPI will bring to Michigan various individuals and organizations from the Middle East who are working towards the same ends to help educate the public with their message.

Executive Board

Advisor - Bruce Stein

President / Director of Community Affairs - Christopher Hawley

Vice President / Director of Educational Affairs - Matt Cline

Treasurer - Christopher Hawley

Secretary - Jolene Perry

Advertising - Jim Nelson

Social Coordinator - Laura Green

Group Historian - Open

Co-Founders - Kevin Poon and Jarron Bowman

Our Partners

1.) Progressive Community Alliance

2.) Western Michigan University