Rush Events

The Epsilon Gamma chapter of Phi Chi Theta here at Western Michigan University prides itself on its success on developing members maturally and professionally while having fun doing so. During the rush process we put on many events that show potential candidates just a glimpse of some of the things we like to do for fun. In general, the semester will start of with a meet-and-greet, where those interested in pledging Phi Chi Theta are able to interact with our members in a non-formal environment to gain knowledge about what Phi Chi Theta is all about and who we strive to be...the Best! That will usually be followed with a variety of events that might occur ranging from a monday night bowling event or a dinner at a local resturant and once again allowing active members to interact on a more comfortable basis to better get to know the potential new members. Once a pledge begins the pledging process, they will be given a big brother or a big sister to help them our during the pledging process and to be there for support and mentorship.


Community Service

The Epsilon Gamma chapter of Phi Chi Theta here at Western Michigan University believes very strongly in community service. Over the last few years Phi Chi Theta has participated (or created) events to help our our community or raise money for charitable foundations such as the gospel soup kitchen in downtown Kalamazoo, WMUnited for Haiti, Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and many more. It is a requirement of all our members to get involved in the community and be proud of their abilities of helping the community through out philanthropic events.


Social Events

In the Epsilon Gamma Chapter here at Western Michigan we believe that fraternity bonding is a key element in success. Just like in the business work it is very important to have that bond with your co-workers to be able to have an enjoyable work experience. Well feel the same way here in our chapter which is why we make sure social events throughout the semester are planned to build long lasting relationships and comaraderie among our members. These socials include anything from tailgaiting, barbequing, movie nights, ice skating, etc.


Professional Project

Every semester, Phi Chi Theta travels outside of Michigan to metropolitan cities across the nation. The Epsilon Gamma chapter here at Western has been to such places as Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, etc. During this weekend we visit local, state, national, and global companies and talk to their employers ranging from newly hired interns all the way up to CEOs to build on our knowledge of the business world and give us advice on how to be successful in job hunting and career building. (Key Note* About 75% of our graduating seniors end up working for one of these companies*) Being able to get in there and see on a personal level what the company is about and what they do really gives insight and helps us in our "what we want to do after graduation" thoughts. During this weekend we make sure we have many socials planned such as visiting the zoo, going to a NBA basketball game, nice "family" dinners to also help with the fraternity bonding that we are so passionate about.



At the end of every semester, our members get to relax after a hard worked semester of fraternal responsibilites, semester work load of exams and homework, etc. with a banquet that is put together to congradulate our members for a semester well done. Banquets are always themed and are put together to let our members relax with a catered dinner, music, awards, gifts, etc and just there to have a good time before we all go our own ways for break until the following semester. Banquets are also a way for us to acknowledge our senior members who are graduating and commemorate them for all their hard work they have put forth to make this fraternity the best and the most professional it could be.