OUTspoken of Western Michigan University (WMU)

OUTspoken does have a specific office, but instead uses the LBGT Resource room, which is 3506 Faunce, on the top floor. The LBGT Coordinator's Office is 3504 Faunce (right next door).
Mission Statement
Create a community of undergraduate GLBTA individuals that is inclusive of our many diversities, open to the many opinions of our membership, and safe for all individuals.
Vision Statement
To have a campus that is tolerant, safe, and conducive to the livelihood of GLBTA people.
  1. To support gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students and their allies (GLBTA)
  2. To educate ourselves and others in the Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo communities on issues concerning GLBTA persons
  3. To advocate for the well-being of GLBTA persons through participating in local political processes
  4. To engage in outreach activities on issues regarding GLBTA persons
  5. To plan programs and meetings that empower GLBTA persons and unify them with the surrounding university and community.