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Our chapter holds and participates in many events through out the year. Here you can find pictures and information about events.

W.E.T-Shirt Design Contest
The first Western Engineering T-Shirt design contest went very well. Thank you to everyone that participated. Look back later for a picture of the winning design.

2008 Bunny Suit Contest
The next Bunny Suit Contest is about to start. We are planning to go engineering campus wide with this one. Starting in March you will be able to make a donation to the professors jar of your choice and try to make them wear the bunny suit.

Annual Bunny Suit Contest
We hold a contest during the Spring Semester where the "winning" Professor has to wear a bunny suit all day. People (student and faculty) put a monetary donation into the jar of the professor that they want to wear the bunny suit. The professor with the most money at the end of the contest period has to wear the suit usually during the first week of April.

Bunny Suit Contest Bunny Suit Contest Bunny Suit Contest
Bunny Suit Contest Bunny Suit Contest Bunny Suit Contest

End of the Semester Party At the end of each semester we have a party for our members. The chapter provides pizza and pop and the members bring something to share. We enjoy games and a movie. It is a great way for us to wrap up the semester and relax after finals.