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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join the College Republicans?
A: There are several ways that you can become involved with the WMU College Republicans. You can email the Chief of Operations to be placed on the email list. Prior to each meeting, an email will be sent to those on the list explaining the topics of discussion for the next meeting, as well as any other important information needed before the meeting. Also, you can stop by our table at the annual Bronco Bash held at the beginning of every academic year to sign up for our email list and get information about our group. And of course, you can just always show up at a meeting!

Q: When and where are the meetings?
A: The meetings are held every Wednesday at 9 pm in the Brown & Gold room on the top floor of the Bernhard Center.

Q: How long are the meetings?
A: Since the meetings start late in the evening, they usually do not last longer than about an hour. Most of the time, we will gather at The Roadhouse (a local restaurant) afterwards to eat, drink and socialize, but attendance is not required.

Q: Do I have to be a member of the WMUGOP to come to the meetings?
A: No! "Membership" is somewhat of a loosely used term. To attend the meetings, conservative speaking events, or even to help with CR events, you don't necessarily to have to be an "active member". However, our WMUGOP constitution does set very rigid standards for those who wish to vote at meetings.

Q: Does it cost anything to join the WMUGOP?
A: Not one cent! We realize that charging a membership fee would dissuade some people from joining. Membership is absolutely FREE! Consequently, feel free to donate to our group.

Q: Do you have meetings in the summer?
A: No. Since our group is large, and members are from all over the state (and in some cases out of state), it's difficult to get enough people together to have a meeting.

Q: What should I bring?
A: As many friends as you can fit into your car! Besides that, you don't need to bring anything.

Q: I'm not quite sure if I'm a Republican or Democrat. I am more independent. Why should I join your organization and not one of the more liberal groups on campus?
A: In this case, we invite you to a meeting. After coming to one meeting, you will see why we are the most influential college political organization in the state. While we do tend to see eye to eye on most political issues, what sets us apart is how well we communicate. We are an effective group because we gather socially from time to time, and we enjoy each other's company. As far as joining a more liberal group, we would point out that while their goal is simply to counter our actions, we pursue our own goals independent of other organizations' actions. The College Democrats are now scrambling to keep up with us as they hastily organize their members to compete with us in terms of volunteering for candidates and putting on events.


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