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Megan Buwalda
The best advice I can offer to any college students interested in promoting Republican ideals is to join the College Republicans. Some of my favorite moments as a member of the group include driving in the presidential motorcade when George W Bush was in Grand Rapids, being on Mackinac Island for the GOP Leadership Convention with almost all of the 2008 presidential candidates, going to Washington DC for the Conservative Political Action Conference, having dinner with John Ashcroft and Ann Coulter, and of course staying out until 5am on the night before elections putting up yard signs and lit dropping.


Matthew Moss
As Programs Vice-Chairman I work very hard on organizing and running the WMUGOP's various events. I am a capitalist who is majoring in business finance, and have loved my years with the College Republicans. I am also very active in WSA, where I can serve WMU college students and get great leadership experience.


Stephen Sessions
As the Elections Vice-Chairman it is my responsibility to ensure that we get as many Republicans into office as possible. This can be done by organizing door to door activities, phone banking, volunteering at events, and just promoting candidates whenever given a chance. Every election is important and one of my duties is to help promote some of the lesser known candidates. It is my job to make sure that everyone is armed with the knowledge they need to vote the best people into office.


Aaron Miller
As the Public Relations Vice-Chairman, I spearhead the task of none other than dealing with the public. My main job is to provide general information to the public about what our group is doing on campus and what new things are coming up. This is my second year in College Republicans and I am very happy and proud to be serving the effort to better our university, our state, and, ultimately, our great country.


Kelly MacDonnell
As the Chief of Operations, I am responsible for keeping minutes of our meetings, as well as records of attendance and membership status. I also keep track of our RSO office and any correspondance. I am a senior studying elementary education and will graduate in December '08. I enjoy being a part of this group with a major that is not traditional in political groups...I think it allows me to bring a different perspective to things. This year I am really excited about our speakers and bringing in new members. My favorite part of the College Republicans is meeting all of the politicians we work with...and of course, the Roadhouse!


Jennifer Baggiani
I am a senior here at WMU majoring in public law. I have been a member of the CR's for three years, and this is my first year as treasuer. I have really enjoyed my time in the CRs. While with the CRs I have been able to do some things I never thought I would while in college. For instance I have met and been able to hear great conservatives speak on our campus, and I look forward to bringing John Stossel to campus in November. I also enjoy working to get republicans elected, and building relationships with fellow conservatives. My most memorable CR moment was when I was in Mackinac for the GOP conference and I literally ran into Ron Paul, it was pretty great.


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