Office Forms

    Typically, all organizations will be asked to seek available space in the Bernhard Center first when making indoor room reservations. If the Bernhard Center is unable to accommodate the organization's needs, academic buildings may be available for use by organizations on a first-come, first-served basis. Event and room request forms are available from SALP.

    The University provides general classrooms and academic lecture halls with audiovisual capabilities. Most academic lecture halls with audiovisual capabilities may be reserved only one month in advance to provide opportunities for all organizations to utilize this limited space. General classroom space may be reserved only one semester in advance.

    Food and beverages are prohibited in all academic lecture halls and classrooms. Each host organization is responsible for the enforcement of this policy. Furthermore, each host organization is responsible for the behavior of its members and/or participants. The space used must be cleaned and individuals must peacefully (especially when classes are in session) vacate the facility upon the conclusion of the organization's activity.

    Finally, the University reserves the right to alter academic room reservations for academic, health, and safety related purposes. Every opportunity will be made to minimize this potential inconvenience, including but not limited to reasonable notification of change and offering of another similar space or reduced costs (if applicable). In addition, if the use of the space warrants special equipment, technical or nontechnical labor or custodial service, appropriate charges related to those services will be incurred by the host organization(s).

Sample Constitution

All Registered Student Organizations must have a constitution.

Outdoor Campus Space Usage

Bernhard Center staff oversees outdoor space reservations. Please contact the Bernhard Center Office Manager at 269-387-4860 for specific details. The following areas may be reserved for outdoor activities:

  1. Goldsworth Valley Pond (Gazebo included)
  2. The Fountain Plaza
  3. Approval from Miller, Dalton,& Shaw staff may be requested
  • The Pavilion (near Student Recreation Center)
  • Sun-Dial Area
  • The Promenade (Flags)
  • Amphitheater (between Knauss, Friedman, Dunbar)
  • Grass Area in front of the Bernhard Center
    1. Approval from BC staff may be requested
  • Faunce Student Services Building Courtyard

Registering Your Student Organization

1. Sign up with GoRSO and update your user profile.
2. Click on the Register Organization link and fill in the requested information.
3. Insure that the information includes:
A current constitution or charter. See example.


The organization’s name
The organization’s purpose
Membership requirements
Methods for officer selection
Officer responsibilities
    vi Statement of compliance with all SALP and University policies, procedures,and practices, and all local, state, and federal laws.
  b. At least four members listed on the roster. All members must provide a e-mail address.
4. Use GoRSO to add officers to create their user profiles. Each Student Organization is required to register with the office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs. All registrations are conducted online using GoRSO.
5. You should receive an automated message regarding your RSO status. If not, or if you want to verify your status, please call the RSO Development Graduate Assistant.

Changes to Your Student Organization in Mid-Year?

If you have already registered your student organization for the academic year, BUT you need to make a change (i.e., new officers, etc.), please use GoRSO.

Faunce KIVA Room Usage

    The KIVA Room in the Faunce Student Services Building may be utilized for meeting space based on established policy. The Kiva Room is an all-purpose meeting room in the lower level of the Faunce Student Services Building. Food and beverages are permitted in the Kiva room only with prior written approval from the Bernhard Center Staff. All organizations will be charged for any cleaning costs incurred during their time spent in the Kiva Room.


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